Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I made $ by taking mascara off of Walgreen's hands! (Another quick tip on stacking coupons!)

On Monday I stopped off at Walgreen's for a couple of things...One of the things I went for was the Rimmel (make up) BOGO sale. The sale was a buy one get one free for all Rimmel cosmetics. Their stuff tends to be a little on the higher end of the drug store make up but with a good sale and's what I did...

The mascara was $7.49 each
I had a $1 coupon off any Rimmel mascara
I also had a BOGO Rimmel cosmetics coupon from All You magazine.

Here is what the deal looks like:

mascara #1 $7.49
mascara #2 $7.49
Total before sales and coupons: $14.98
Less BOGO -$7.49
Total after sale/before coupons: $7.49
Less $1 coupon: $6.49
Less BOGO mfg coupon $1 moneymaker!!!

How does this work? I have 2 I can use 2 is free by a store sale so you can stack a store sale with a manufacturer's coupon! Make sure you have enough of something else in your shopping order to cover the dollar because they will not give you cash back. So pick up a small dollar item...If you are not sure what to get, grab a pack of gum or head to the section with trial size stuff and grab a lotion for your purse...bottle of water...whatever...just make sure you have something else or the register may go a little wacky and start beeping!

If you won't use it, there are plenty of options:
1. The holidays are right around the corner...think about stocking stuffers or pieces for a gift basket.

2. Donate your free or money maker items to a women's shelter. Often these places are trying to help the women get it together and get jobs etc. They have nothing and would love to have a mascara!

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