Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A New Beginning...

I started this blog a couple of years ago for friends who wanted to know how to save money. I posted some basics as well as some deals. My intent was to help with money saving but also to cover various happenings in day to day military family life as I see that much of what military families experience is not too far different from civilian families (we all need to live in the same world and we all gotta eat!) I also thought that maybe, as a "late to the community", I would be able to bridge some of the gap and help the civilians understand why your hubby going on a week long work trip to California doesn't even sort of align with our soldiers going to "The Sandbox" for 15 months and help military families understand that in the grand scheme of things, our healthcare system is actually probably better than what most civilians deal with. After a couple of very difficult years (wow, I can hardly believe it has been so long!), I am back to revive what I have wanted to do. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to formulate things in my head and finally decided that if I was going to get this up and moving, I need to just dive in. I am leaving my older posts up for now (some of the couponing basics and a couple of sample deals) but will most likely update or delete them...maybe some new pics. I'm still mulling that over but for right now...onward!!

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