Tuesday, May 24, 2011

31 Days To Go!!

Trash day is always a good day to throw things away because you can't go back and change your mind.  I took advantage and did some good purging today.  I went through all of my son's clothes and put all of the small ones in a tote.  I can't get rid of them yet as we would like to have another child, if possible plus I want my husband to look through the tote and let me know which outfits have meaning to him.  They are at least out of his drawers and closet for now.  It was really sad to realize that the newborn clothes that were too big for him only 6 months ago are waaay too small for him now.  He is wearing 6-9 month (pushing the 9 month).  I wish I had really paid attention when people told me not to waste too much money on little clothes because they blow through them quickly.  Luckily we were smart enough to buy a range of sizes so we are still covered as he outgrows things but it still makes me sad to see the clothes that he never wore or maybe wore once.  On the flip side, it really made me feel good to make progress on this job as I have been avoiding it but not being able to easily find clothes that actually fit him has been a big pain. 

I also got more laundry done and put away.  We have had so much going on since we went on leave back in April and came back to find our house flooded, that laundry is a bit behind.  As long as I do a load every day for awhile, I should be done very soon. 

We also had our final New Parent Support visit.  For those of you not familiar, it is a program for new parents (not just first child...anyone with a new baby) provided by Army Community Service (ACS).  They do home visits periodically to see how things are going.  They also provide tons of information on developmental milestones and classes and playgroups on post.  It is definitely a great program especially for younger new moms or those with anxiety.  The person who does the visit is a nurse so it is nice to have someone to tell you things are ok in between doctor's appointment.  For military folks who have no family around, it is also nice to have someone regular, like family, visiting.

I had to wait in the house for much of the day today as my carpet strip was getting repaired from the flood and then I had ladies picking up tshirts for the Toby Keith concert as I am the RSA Women's Club Volunteer Coordinator.  Tomorrow I am going to get my flat iron from a friend and picking up my sewing machine.  I am hoping to make a quick stop at the Thrift Store in order to eliminate stuff and make a little cash.

We are very quickly approaching the 30 day mark and I am still hoping that I can get everything done as I would like.  I am pretty determined so I should have no problem!  I am still trying to stay very optomistic!!

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