Monday, September 28, 2009

Free Money for Military Spouses to Get a Portable Career!

If you are a military spouse and are even considering going to school, you have got to check this out!! The Department of Defense is offering up $6,000 for military spouses to go back to school in search of a portable career. The interpretation of "portable" is much wider than I expected so I strongly encourage you to check it out. This is not a scholarship so there is no real application. They rquest some info in order to verify your DEERS eligibility but aside from's all yours for the taking and as with most DoD programs, if we don't get out there and use them, they go away!

The other awesome thing about it is that you can actually spend down the $6K! I recently signed up for a medical billing program which costs about $1500. That means that my account still has $4500 available for me! Not only will the DoD pay for the classes, but they will also pay for the testing. The medical billing certification has a test requirement for certificaton. The test costs approximately $300 but it will be covered by the DoD!

The money will cover almost any type of program including Ba or MA degree, cosmetology, medical careers, etc. I am truly amazed at the spectrum of coverage. If the program or class that you choose includes books and/or materials, they will be covered as well (no laptops or memberships allowed).

The plan is referred to as MyCAA and is being administered by Military OneSource. It does take about 2-4 weeks for your approval to get finalized and you need to have your approval before your class starts but the DoD is also providing you with a voucher to present to the school and the school is getting paid relatively quickly (mine has already received confirmation of forthcoming payment and my class has not even started yet). If you don't see the school that you want advertised, it is relatively easy to add them. (Same for professional organizations). I helped the AAPC get added so that my Professional Coding exam will be covered when I am ready to take it. I have called in quite a few times for various reasons and always got excellent help and support!

So what are you waiting for????

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