Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thursday 10 September 2009 Shopping Trips

On Thursday I attempted to hit the case lot sale at the commissary just to see what they had. After dropping my husband at work at 0825, I headed over, expecting to be able to browse for a bit and see if there was anything worthwhile and be ready when the registers open at 0900 (this is normal commissary policy). The case lot apparently was different. There was a ridiculously long line just to get to see the items. Redstone Arsenal runs their case lot quite differently than Fort Eustis. They had the cases of items set up in aisles and you had to stay in line and if you only wanted one or 2 items you still had to follow the line. I looked at the line ahead which was easily an hour long (with still 30 minutes to wait for them to even open) and then looked at the list of items. Because I knew that many of the items available could be purchased with my coupons for same or lower price, I decided that the wait was just not worthwhile. The only thing that I was interested in was a case of chicken broth so I moved on to the rest of my shopping for the day.

First I hit CVS. Here is what I got for $9.44!! My total savings was $54.23 and I got back $9.00 for my next trip!! CVS does not allow you to have more than 1 manufacturer's coupon per item and they consider Extra Care Bucks (ECB's) as manufacturer coupons. In many cases I will add small filler items as needed (pack of gum or bottle of soda or some great clearance or sale find so that I can use them but other times I decide to hold them for the next week...just keep an eye on the expiration dates because they are usually onlygood for about 2 weeks). This time, I purchased candy corn for 99 cents for which I did not have a coupon as well as 2 boxes of hair color which were $3.99 and on BOGO sale. Those extra 3 items allowed me to use 3 of my ECB's and they were items that I wanted/needed anyway. I had additional ECB's totally $7.50 which I decided to hold for next week's trip! This leaves me with $16.50 in CVS free stuff!

Next I hit Walgreens. The Automatic Shower Cleaner and the Glade itemwere Register Reward items and had limits so I did 2 separate transactions. The first transaction was $18.17 oop (out of pocket) and I saved $79.26. On my second transaction I spent $10.42 oop and saved $24.29. I got back a total of $14.00 in Register Rewards (RR's) for my next trip. So overall I spent less than $30 and got over $130 worth of stuff and will start off the next trip with $14!

My final stop was Kroger. At Kroger I spent $20.26 and saved $38.67. The picture is not great but here is what I got: 5-4 roll packs of Charmin, 1 roll of Bounty towels, 2 half gallons of Turkey Hill iced tea, 3 Soft Soap hand soap pumps, 2 Brut deodorants (yeah, remember Brut, my 80's big hair girls! lol not my favorite scent these days but for 45 cents, my husband can wear it when he is working in the yard or I may use it for a donation when there is a drive for toiletries and the like for deployed will get used in some form!) 4 boxes of Hefty One Zip bags, 3 packages of cocktail weenies (hey, it's football season and my husband loves his snacks while he watches the games), 1 package of smoked sausage (great for throwing on the grill!), 1 box of cake mix, 1 can of frosting and a 3 bar pack of ivory soap (not my choice for body cleaning but definitely a good thing to have on hand for hand washing, etc).
How did you do?

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