Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Trip to Publix!

Today I went to a different Publix...not my usual Whitesburg Drive Publix. My next trip will be back at my usual place because I was very disappointed to find that the one I went to today will not take the Rite Aid $5 off $25 so back to Whitesburg for me! Even without the extra $5 off, it was a very successful trip!

Here is today's take! My out of pocket for all of this was only $30.36 and I saved $64.68. That's a total of over $95 worth of groceries! In order to show you what you can do with coupons, I wanted to highlight one particular deal. Sometimes when we are new at couponing, we are hesitant to really stack our coupons and take full advantage. This is totally legal and took zero scamming on my part.
Publix had the Keebler Flipside Crackers BOGO for $3.99. I had never had these and was a little reluctant because I am not a huge fan of Town House crackers but when I realized the deal that I was about to pass up, I had to try (by the way, these crackers are AWESOME!)...Anyway, back to the deal: There was a peelie on the box for $1 off 2boxes. There was also a Publix coupon for a free reusable shopping bag (reg price 99 cents) with the purchase of 2 Keebler crackers. I then found a tearpad nearby with a coupon for $2 off any deli meat when you purchase 1 box so I grabbed 2 of those coupons and found 2 packages of Publix lunch meat (prepackaged) for 2/$4...Let me break it down for ya
Flipside Crackers (2 boxes) $3.99
Publix Lunch Meat (2 pkgs) $4.00
Reusable Shopping Bag $0.99
TOTAL $8.98
(after sale but before coupons)
Coupon 2 boxes of crackers -$1.00
Coupon reusable tote -$0.99
Coupon lunch meat -$2.00
Coupon lunch meat -$2.00
TOTAL -$5.99
(coupon value)
TOTAL PAID $2.99 for all items!!!
This is exactly how you get so many items for so little money!!!
Here's another example:
Genl Mills Cereal (2 boxes) $3.99 (BOGO)
Tropicana OJ $3.00
Reusable Tote $0.99
TOTAL $7.98
(after sale/before coupons)
Coupon 2 boxes of cereal -$1.00
Coupon reusable tote -$0.99 (wyb 2 General Mills products)
Publix Coupon OJ -$1.00 (wyb General Mills cereal)
TOTAL -$2.99
(coupon value)
TOTAL PAID $4.99 for all items!! Think about the last time you paid regular price for Tropicana OJ and/or a couple of boxes of cereal...I would guess that at regular price you probably paid close to what I paid for all of the items. Now keep in mind, the OJ coupon was for any OJ so I could have picked up a store brand and saved another dollar but I happen to be partial to a couple of brands and Tropicana happens to be my favorite so I will pay a little more for it. They also had a blinkie (you know those little red boxes that beep and spit out coupons) for $1 off of Trop 50 (the low sugar version of Tropicana) so again I could have saved another dollar but my husband hates it so for me it was just not worth the extra savings!
Ok, ok, I'll give ya one more example of stacking
Cascade Action Pk Dishwasher Det $4.99
Cascade Rinse Aid $3.49
Dawn Direct Foam $2.99 (that's the expensive pumpy thing that makes foam)
Bounty Single Roll Towels $1.99
TOTAL $13.46
(after sales/before coupons)
Pubix Coupon Cascade -$1.00
Mfg Coupon Cascade -$0.50
Double coupon -$0.50
Mfg Coupon Free Rinse Agent -$3.49
Publix Coupon Dawn -$0.55
Mfg Coupon Dawn -$0.50
Double Coupon -$0.50
Publix Coupon Free Bounty -$1.99 (wyb any 3 designated items...cascade/dawn incl)
TOTAL -$9.03
(coupon value)
TOTAL PAID $4.43 for all items!!
These happened to be deals that I got a Publix but that is really not important. The only thing that may differ for you is whether or not the coupon is doubled and what store coupons are available. I hope these examples show you better how to make the most of your coupons! As always, feel free to contact me with any questions. Happy couponing!

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